Egyptian Portraits I

In preparation for my next visit to Luxor to continue my series of Egyptian portraits, I felt that it was time to re-visit the drawings and oil studies made on recent trips to help me decide which direction to go in during my next stay.

It is always difficult deciding what to focus on each time, to draw, to paint, take etching plates or not. For a longer visit, everything is packed as once there materials are rather difficult to source. After looking through a number of recent drawings I have decided to return to the essence of the project and to make a number of drawn portraits of both friends and new faces within the village.


As the project has continued to grow over the last few years it has given me a wonderful opportunity to get to know many Egyptian families, continuing to draw friends made through previous visits, drawing the children each year as they grow-up and of being accepted and treated as ‘one of the family’.


Portrait of a Young Woman

Young Mustafa

To date, this collection has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions, and I am continuing to look for galleries for future events, in particular venues that have a particular interest in or having Egyptian collections. The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL has hosted two of these exhibitions, Faces of Egypt and From Luxor to London, two contrasting exhibitions made during my time in Egypt.

Horemheb, Luxor Museum 'from Luxor to London'

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2 Responses to Egyptian Portraits I

  1. David Woodall says:

    These are fantastic drawings Adele. Really inspirational.

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