The Body Beautiful – Male Nudes in Copenhagen Collections

Whilst in Copenhagen, I was struck by the quality of the Greek and Roman Sculpture that I saw there. Drawing from sculpture is a discipline I have continued since student days and still regularly visit the British Museum and V&A to draw from the collections.

Fragments - from the Thorvaldsen Collection

At the moment I have a particular interest in marble torsos and fragments of torsos as I am in the early stages of carving a male torso in alabaster. This is something I have been promising myself for years and however enjoyable, it is an incredibly slow process. But I’m having fun trying a new medium! It’s good to have a project to develop over a long time, although this one is going to take me many, many years!

Athlete, Roman copy of a Greek Sculpture from 350-300 BC (National Museum of Copenhagen)

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek had room after room of exquisite figures and I was so excited I didn’t know where to take my sketchbook out next. I took photographs in three groups, the male nude, drapery and the head.

Below are a few of my favourite male nudes and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.




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