A Week at West Dean

Escaping the festivities of last weekend I headed down to a rather wet West Dean College to embark on a week of tutoring two courses, Life painting – the sustained pose, and life drawing – line, tone and form.

These two courses focusing on the figure, a weekend of dynamic poses of various lengths and a five-day course working from the nude in a sustained pose are very contrasting in their approach and aims.

The sustained pose gave students the opportunity to work on a painting over a five-day period. This slow, and carefully considered approach allows for continual evaluation, reflection and revision when working from the life model. During this time, greater consideration can be given to each individuals response to the nude, a process of constantly adjusting and re-adjusting, responding to the changing light, building up of the paint surface and looking in depth at colour and tonal relationships.

Here is a selection of work produced by students during the week.

Mantra for the week (not forgetting stand back from the easel regularly, of course!

waiting for the crit…

Life drawing – Line tone and form, gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of drawing techniques when responding to short dynamic poses as well as longer more considered poses.

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