Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Success

I was very pleased to hear that David Woodall was successful in this years Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. David who attends my life painting/portraiture course and has recently exhibited in the Figureworks exhibition has two small still life paintings which can be found in Gallery III curated by Tess Jarey RA.

I really like the sense of monumentality achieved within each painting. In both pieces a beautiful palette of greys has been used, reminiscent of Gwen John and Vilhelm Hammershoi. These colured greys are particularly striking when placed against the vibrancy of the pure saturated colours of the bundle of rock.

‘Plug’ David Woodall

‘Rock’ David Woodall

Of the paintings David writes..

“I thought the plug when viewed from a low angle looked a bit like Battersea Power Station so I tried to paint it like that by putting some atmosphere in the background and making the pins chimney like. I also tried to make the plug structure architectural and like a building.

On the rock painting a friend of mine went to Brighton for the day and spotted the sticks of rock, thinking they might make a good painting and brought them back for me to paint. As soon as I saw them I looked forward to turning it into a painting, bright colours are unusual for me and but I thoroughly enjoyed using them and chose a neutral grey background to help throw the colours out”.

Many congratulations Dave!

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