New ways with still life: part II – Suggestive portraits

The second part of my series ‘new ways with still life’ is now in the Summer 2012 issue of Artists & Illustrators. It discusses how to create ‘portraits’ of a sitter from a composition of carefully selected objects.

The painting used as a demonstration piece entitled ‘While waiting for the model…’ (2012) is the first of a new series of paintings, the idea came while siting in the studio one day when my model was unable to attend. I began to think of all the times when models hadn’t been present. The empty chair had a presence all of it’s own, and other objects in the studio, be it an empty mug or other object still suggested the model in some way. Often a drawing, or small-scale still life may originate while patiently waiting for the model…

‘While waiting for the model…’ (2012)

‘While waiting for the model…’ (detail of ‘Contemplation’ on the cover of Heat Wave)

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3 Responses to New ways with still life: part II – Suggestive portraits

  1. What a fabulous painting. I love the way the book is your painting, too and it reminds me of a chair and a certain cat whilst the sitter had vacated the space………

  2. Very good painting and what a good idea.

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