Musicians – The Rehearsal Orchestra Edinburgh 2012

This small triptych was painted during this summers Rehearsal Orchestra course taking place in Edinburgh during the festival.

Continuing some of the ideas from the series of quartets and chamber group paintings made recently I wanted to  make this painting a small triptych, bringing small groups together to make a whole, as the sections within the orchestra come together. I decided to concentrate on the arc created by the front desks of each of the string sections, first and second violins, violas and ‘cellos.

I felt that this formation followed the compositional ideas of my quartet studies, continuing the intimacy of this small group of players facing in towards each other. Although the conductors score is placed centrally within the composition I decided to omit the conductor (sorry Lev & Bob), as I didn’t want the semi-circle of the front four desks to be broken. Instead the conductors score serves to give the viewer the musicians from the viewpoint of the conductor.

‘Shostokovich – Martinu Rehearsal Triptych’ Oil on gesso panels, Edinburgh August 2012

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2 Responses to Musicians – The Rehearsal Orchestra Edinburgh 2012

  1. kestrelart says:

    I like the balance of colour and the abstraction of shapes in this wonderful painting.

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