A Wander Around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

a peaceful place to sit and ponder…

An early September afternoon was the perfect time for a leasurely wander around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Despite my Yorkshire roots and best intentions this was my first visit to the sculpture park and what a treat it is.

The work of many of our revered sculptors can be found in the beautiful landscape surrounding Bretton Hall. Seeing sculpture within this environment, the rolling landscape and natural forms is the perfect setting for the sculptures exhibited. Particularly in an age when all sorts of poor and unimaginative sculptures are thrown up in the name of public art, a most notable example being Kapoor’s clunky helter-skelter installed at the Olympic Park which looks set to blight the face of East London for years to come.

An unexpected surprise was a major exhibition of Miro’s work both within the grounds and the magnificent  underground sculpture gallery. This exhibition Miro: Sculptor brings together over 100 monumental and painted bronzes along with assembled sculptures and numerous workings on paper including carborundum etching, drawing and painting.

Highlights of the visit are Barbara Hepworth’s  assembled group of  figures The Family of Man and Antony Gormley’s solitary figure One and Other. 

Gormley’s ‘One and Other’

My personal favourite was the small number of works by Henry Moore, sparsely placed over the country park with fabulous views over the lake and the landscape beyond. The setting has both a great stillness and tranquility and the sculptures seem completely at home on the hillside with the geese and sheep wandering amongst them totally unaware of these sculptural giants in their midst.

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2 Responses to A Wander Around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  1. Brian says:

    Seeing your pictures of the yorkshire Sculpture Park brought back pleasant memories of the works of Henry Moore at KEW a few years ago . I thoroughly enjoyed that visit.

  2. Sonia Lewis says:

    absolutely magnificent – want to go there!

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