A Weekend of Life Drawing at West Dean

Last weekend I returned to West Dean College to teach an intensive course of life drawing. This course enabled students to work from the life model and use and experiment with a wide variety of drawing techniques throughout the weekend when responding to poses both short and long.

Students attending were both experienced artists wishing to develop their practice, a number of foundation diploma students, as well as a small number who had never worked from the figure before.

During the first morning students perfected their measuring skills during two long poses making both sight-scale and comparative-scale drawings. Next came a session on experimental drawing using whatever would make an interesting mark with ink. Students were sent out forreging for unusual drawing implements in the West Dean Gardens and then dipping these in ink to draw many short action poses of 2-3 minutes and a series of moving poses.

The following photos were taken during the one-hour session on reductive drawing, when students made large-scale tonal drawings using willow charcoal and putty rubbers.

Our wonderful model Jane, set the group many challenging and inspiring poses. Her speciality being complex poses that challenge the eye, when nothing can be taken for granted. Whether short poses or sustained she can twist, hang, balance and stretch her way through a series of physically demanding and visually stimulating positions.

Our final challenging pose

My next life drawing course at West Dean will be in the spring. Please see http://www.westdean.org.uk for details.

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2 Responses to A Weekend of Life Drawing at West Dean

  1. Sonia Lewis says:

    lucky students to be drawing lovely Jane

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