A Diary of a Portrait II

after the second sitting

Following our second session of three hours you can see that most of the linen surface has been covered with at least one layer of paint. The background tone is always one of the first areas to be applied to enable the tonal range of the skin colours to be established. During this second sitting the darkest tone of the shirt had to be placed without which the dark right-side of the head could appear too light. Patches of colour are applied over the structure of the head simplifying the form, the edges of each colour plane describe the angles of the face.

With her head slightly tilted, Sheila sits beautifully and I am very grateful to her for giving up her own precious studio time for the duration of this painting.

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2 Responses to A Diary of a Portrait II

  1. John & Anne Lympany says:

    What a beautiful portrait this is developing into Adele.



  2. This is going to be a lovely series of paintings and it’s very informative and useful seeing how the painting develops.

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