A Diary of a Portrait V

Sheila portrait 5 detail

Thankfully, the shortest day of the year at least gave us some half decent light to continue work, and to enable me to rework the drawing from last time. Most of the session concentrated on the area in the detail shown above. The mouth was moved up slightly and along with looking closely at the area around the eyes, I repainted the small planes over and around the nose and across the cheeks.

after session 5...

after session 5…

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4 Responses to A Diary of a Portrait V

  1. John & Anne Lympany says:

    Beautiful work Adele and it gives me heart to know that you also need to amend and correct. I could empathies with you working through the poor light (previous post) something I never seem to learn is when to stop when I can’t see the detail I need.

    I would love to see the finished work at some point?



    Happy New Year X

  2. Lovely to see the detail, hear of the process

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