A Diary of a Portrait VII

Sheila portrait 7

after sitting 7

Throughout this session I continued to focus on pretty much the same areas as during our previous sitting. This image is a little light though due to all the reflected light from the snow outside the studio window at the moment. I wanted the hair to have a greater feel of weight and form. In order to do this I simplified the areas of colour, not getting caught up with linear brushwork to describe hair, and the tones were made more contrasting from the left to right hand side.

A few small tweaks were made around the eyes which I am now more pleased with. Sheilas bright lipstick is proving a challenge, but typically her so will persevere. The bright colour you see here is the under-painting and during our following session will hopefully become more modelled.

We’ve had a longer gap between sittings this time to allow the paint surface to dry and settle to that I can properly assess what needs to be done during our next and possibly final sitting? Can I make it do what I want it to do before a certain portrait submission next month? Feedback welcomed…

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1 Response to A Diary of a Portrait VII

  1. Sonia Lewis says:

    Luscious lips – lovely Adele.

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