A Portrait in Progress: Anne

Since the completion of my portrait of Sheila which I documented as a portrait diary over the eight sittings we had together, I have been asked by students if I could do another portrait diary. So here it is.

I recently began this portrait of Anne. The canvas is the same size as all the other portraits in the Familiar faces series and is oil on linen. This first image shows the painting three hours in, and each of our following sittings have been of three hours each. The images here document up to our sixth sitting, since which another has taken place with a final one planned soon.

After first sitting

After first sitting

second sitting

second sitting

Anne Portrait 4

Anne Portrait 5

After our sixth sitting

After our sixth sitting

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2 Responses to A Portrait in Progress: Anne

  1. John & Anne Lympany says:

    Hi Adele, I love your portrait of Anne and it is really interesting to see how it has developed. I have been wanting to see how it has been progressing, but felt it would not be right to impose myself on you until you were ready to show it. It is looking very good and done with great sensitivity I feel. Love John

  2. hello John,

    So pleased you like the portrait, another couple of sessions since so it is progressing, I hope. You must pop in and see it once it’s finished.

    Hope painting is going well

    love Adele

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