A Portrait of an Artist

Earlier this Autumn I began this new portrait of an artist friend, which I have been planning for a number of months. Of all the portraits I have painted this year, few are looking directly out, making eye-contact with the viewer. So I was very pleased when beginning this portrait that my sitter was happy to do just that, (few sitters are). In fact as the portrait progresses, it is clear that she is observing me as much as I, her. As an artist her gaze is unflinching, watching every colour being mixed and the movement of each brushstroke being applied.

Portrait of an Artist

The image above shows the under-drawing of the painting, which I really quite liked. Almost one of those times you decide to leave it just as it is and begin another canvas. The portrait has progressed far beyond this stage so the under-painting has now all but disappeared, just a ghostly suggestion remains.

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