Fifty Children Fifty Artists

I was honored to be invited last summer to participate in the fifty children fifty artists project. Each artist was paired with a young sitter who lives in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Each child was selected following the submission of a written piece about their life in Tower Hamlets and a self-portrait. It was a pleasure to meet sixteen-year old Rifah in the Autumn when we met to make a preliminary drawing. Since then work has continued on her portrait. This project highlights the important work of Miracles, a British charity born of a graveside hug between a Muslim and a Christian at the height of the Bosnian war.  Many a miracle has been achieved over the years since Miracles came into being and Fifty Children Fifty Artists is an initiative to raise awareness of child poverty within the UK.

The other artists involved in the project are –

Andrew Saldago, Jessica Albarn, Daphne Guiness, Emma Sargent, Gerald Scarfe, June Mendoza RP, Robbie Wraith RP, Melissa Scott-Miller RP, Susan Ryder RP, Stephen Farthing RA, Eileen Cooper RA, John Wragg RA, Simon Davis RP, Tai Shan Schierenberg RP, Antony Williams RP, Jason Walker RP, Tom Coates RP, Leonard McComb RA, William Bowyer RA, Mick Rooney RA, James Lloyd RP, Ilaria Roselli Del Turco,  Adele Wagstaff, Carol Peace, Nick Offer, Nick Archer, Tim Benson, Charles Willmot, Christain Furr, Sophy Bristol, Anthony Barrow, Zachary Walsh, James Preston, Michael Frith, Hannah Collins, Maria Ines Aguirre, Theo Ellert, Geoffrey Lawrence-Smith, Kathy Preston, Ed Chapman, Katerina Botsari, Abigail Simpson, Nick Gentry, Henry Byrne, Thea Penna, Mary Jackson and Bernice Wilson.

Details of forthcoming exhibitions related to the project along with an image of my portrait will follow soon.

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3 Responses to Fifty Children Fifty Artists

  1. John & Anne Lympany says:

    Congratulations Adele, look forward to seeing your portrait. John

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