The 2nd Upper Egypt Salon, Luxor 2014

While in Luxor recently I was really pleased to be able to view the 2nd Upper Egypt Salon at the Faculty of Fine Art in it’s last days and it was great to be able to attend the closing party before my journey home. I first visited the Art School back in 2010, firstly to visit the studios and to see the type of work being created in Egypt. I was then invited back during my next visit to give a talk about my work and the series of portraits that I had been making in Luxor.

Musicians in the courtyard at the lively closing party

Musicians in the courtyard at the lively closing party

The Upper Egypt Salon is now in it’s 2nd year and it is hosted by the young artists of the Faculty of Fine Arts. A future Salon each year hopes to create a new intellectual and cultural movement within Upper Egypt – a “spirit of revival” and to open it’s doors to all artists who are living in Egypt, of all nationalities and backgrounds.

As you can see from the selection of photos below there was a huge variety of work in all media, from drawings and prints, to paintings, sculpture, ceramics and film.  The majority of work was figurative, monochromatic work contrasting with bold and striking colour. Apologies that a few photos are a little blurry, but I hope they convey some of the energy, ambition and hope witnessed in this exhibition.

2nd Upper Egypt salon 1


2nd Upper Egypt salon 2


2nd Upper Egypt salon 3


2nd Upper Egypt salon 4


2nd Upper Egypt salon 5


2nd Upper Egypt salon 6


2nd Upper Egypt salon 7


2nd Upper Egypt salon 8


2nd Upper Egypt salon 9


2nd Upper Egypt salon 10


2nd Upper Egypt salon 11


2nd Upper Egypt salon 12


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