Summer portraits – ‘Deborah’

'Deborah' oil on linen (2014)

‘Deborah’ oil on linen (2014)



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4 Responses to Summer portraits – ‘Deborah’

  1. Anne says:

    Beautiful, subtle colours. I love the effect of the sunlight on the left hand side of Deborah’s face, and the varied range of flesh tones in Esther’s portrait. Adele, do your sitters pose for you in person, or do you work from photographs?

    • Thank you so much Anne. Yes, the majority of time my models sit for me in person throughout the entire painting. Only very rarely have I used photographs although they don’t help enormously and only then if I have a detailed drawing to work from.

      I hope that all is well with you, your course has finished now? I hope your painting is progressing well

  2. Deborah Mead says:

    I have really enjoyed observing the subtle and illuminating process of watching you paint my portrait Adele. I especially like the painterly effects and the summery feeling to the portrait.

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