A week of Painting & Printmaking at Arte Umbria in 2015


Arte Umbria Ad 2015


Next summer I will be returning to teach a week of painting and printmaking at Arte Umbria. For the first time printmaking is being offered, and part of the week will be devoted to drypoint etching. As I write, an etching press is being made to order and will be put through it’s paces next August.

Drypoint etching is a beautiful and sensitive medium which involves drawing directly into a metal plate, most commonly copper or zinc with a metal point, no acid is needed. The resulting line or mark created on the plate is made purely by the pressure of the hand. The softness of line seen in drypoint prints is made as displaced metal which results from the drawing process creates a burr, this then holds the ink and gives drypoint it’s distinctive softness and delicacy.

Alongside etching, part of the week will focus on developing oil painting techniques and you will be able to work on a portrait, a still life or you may prefer to be inspired by the wonderful views from the Arte Umbria estate.


'Fragility' drypoint etching. Sepia on Somerset Satin

‘Fragility’ – drypoint etching. Sepia on Somerset Satin


Further information on the course please visit http://arteumbria.com/

Contact Arte Umbria by email – info@arteumbria.com

or by phone tel: 0039 0763 837347            +39 345 876 8311

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