A Portrait of Charlie

This portrait of Charlie began last summer following his retirement as Head of Putney School of Art & Design. The painting continued through to the autumn, having eight sittings in total. Last year I set out to paint a few more male portraits, and I will post some of the others during the coming weeks.


Charlie 2017 oil on linen, 40 x 50cm

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2 Responses to A Portrait of Charlie

  1. Dear Adele I really like this portrait. You probably don’t remember me from West Dean several years back but I’ve booked your portrait weekend again this May in the hope that some of your talent can rub off on me. Kind regards, Chris Filtness.

    • Dear Chris,

      Good to hear from you, hoping that all is going well with you and you are having time to paint. I look forward to catching up at West Dean in May, great you can do the course.
      See you then, Adele

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